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Saraswati College of Professional Studies Adhyatmik Nagar, Dasna, Ghaziabad

Maintenance Policy of College

Maintenance Policy of College

General Maintenance:

The office maintains register(s) to record the complaints related to AC, furniture, fixtures, plumbing, electrical work etc. Depending upon the nature of the complaints, the majority of them are resolved by the in-house staff. If required, the experts from outside agencies are called.


      ●       Library shall cater to the academic and co-curricular needs of the students and staff.
      ●       Library shall help its users to locate, select and acquire the information needed.
      ●       Staff Members and Students can access the Library facilities and can borrow books.
      ●       Magazines, periodicals, CD_ROM and other materials as per the rules for each category.
      ●       Annual Stock taking of Library books has been conducted.


The maintenance of the laboratory is managed by the Laboratory Incharge under the supervision of the Coordinator. They are required to maintain an inventory of the equipment and carry out Annual Stock checking. Repairs and maintenance are handled as per the common policy of the college.

IT Infrastructure:

Each year, the IT support staff has to carry out preventive maintenance (such as servicing, cleaning, formatting, updating antivirus software etc) of the IT equipment. The problems faced by the department and staff members should be reported to the technical staff.


Students are not allowed to use the sports facility while his/her lectures or practical sessions are in progress. College ground is maintained by Inhouse Supporting staff.